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October 2017
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New arrival UL2272 approved S1 8.5 inch SUV hoverboard


Children are a special group, so you can find many specially designed
for children’s products in the tech world. Although you might not a
child anymore, but a good product can really make you feel back to
childhood. In the dazzling array of gadget, how to choose a fun enough
and good for your healthy gadget ? Today we would like to recommend a
new UL2272 approved hoverboard-S1 8.5 inch SUV hoverboard.

S1 UL2272 approved 8.5 inch suv hoverboard

It adopt 64-bit control chips in the CPU,with patented LED light
design,front and rear high brightness LED lights ensures driving
security in the night.

While charging, the power indicator light is blinking red; once the
battery is full ( this process usually takes around 180 minutes ), the
indicator light will turn green,during normal operation, the hoverboard
status indicator will be green.

The 8.5 inch S1 SUV hoverboard powered by original Samsung 18650 cell
lithium ion battery,with intelligent battery management system,with
2x350w brushless motor,the motor life span up to tens of thousand
hours,and the noise is small, speed up quickly and highly energy-

Comments from users:
1, colors and styles are simple and fashion,it is really easy to
operate,the price is not too expensive, very good;
2, Easy to drive, very fast speed, very cool, durable battery and fast
charge, very satisfying.
3, children ride this hoverboard the first day i bought it, and learn
it very fast, good quality, friends’ children envy it too and my
friends intended to have one too.
4, Yes, looks good, workmanship is fine, i have ride it for some
times,it is easy to control and the balance sense is good.

Want to know the S1 SUV 8.5 inch UL2272 hoverboard price, please
contact for latest quotation.

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